Character spotlight: Kazuko Ishida

As a sort of apology for the sloppy posts I’ve made, as well as the fact I just wanted to share, here goes a more meaty post.


First of all, I managed to get the skill tree system working just as I wanted. So that’s good news.

Now let’s talk about this fine lady. Kaz is the resident tough girl of the party. When she’s not binge watching her favorite classic movies, she’s practicing marksmanship. She’d like to give a married-to-her-job super professional appearance but her somewhat childish behaviour  usually keeps her from fully realizing that persona.

Kazuko may come off as aggressive and untrusting, and she certainly has a “lone hero” complex, but she also has a kind and empathetic side that shows from time to time. She also deeply trusts in and respects her (job) partner Adette.

Gameplay wise Kazuko is a pure power attacker with some of the most damaging skills in the game and very few support and passive skills. 

Each character has tree skill trees. Her Onna bugeisha is an extremely offensive minded ice themed tree, in ronin she features smoe support skills and it’s probably the most balanced of the tree, while kunoichi represents her small frame and lite figure with more sneaky skills focused on precision.

There is more to her than that, but I gotta save up some stuff ;)


I hope you liked this.I’ll try to do more of these…

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